Bethel middle school fast pitch finishes season undefeated

BETHEL ACRES – The Bethel Lady Wildcats finished the 2020 season with an undefeated mark of 17-0.

Along the way, the team captured the Stroud Tournament championship, along with the North Canadian River Conference championship.

Front row, left to right: Lexi Caudle, Montea Prewett, Ava Gascon, Alexis Williams, Harper Grice, Shay White, Ava Cannon, Ella Campbell, Rumor Prewett, Erika Blanchard
Back row, left to right: Head Coach Tara Satterfield, Emma Epperley, Sydney Murray, Chloe Sheppard, Taylor Boles, Layla Menhusen, Sadie Walker, Baylee Tapley, Alexis Tucker, Payton Epperley, Katelyn Hartman, Rain Samsal, Jaylee White, Lilly Jordan, Kinsley Clanin, Asst. Coach Taylor Opskar Not Pictured: Jailyn Carper
Stroud Tournament Champions: Front row, left to right: Montea Prewett, Jailyn Carper, Baylee Tapley, Alexis Williams, Ava Gascon, Harper Grice Back row, left to right: Asst. Coach Taylor Opskar, Ava Cannon, Lilly Jordan, Taylor Boles, Kinsley Clanin, Layla Menhusen, Alexis Tucker, Payton Epperley, Head Coach Tara Satterfield