PHOTO GALLERY: Bethel Wildcats vs Meeker Bulldogs – 9/4

MEEKER – The Bethel Wildcats arrived in 2A with a 28-8 victory over Meeker Friday night.

Next week, Bethel (1-0) travels to McLoud (1-0), who throttled U.S. Grant 38-6, while the Bulldogs (1-1) hit the road to face Purcell (1-1). The Purcell Tigers picked up a 35-28 win over Lindsay Friday evening, and fell to Lone Grove 41-40 in their season opener.

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John Gordon confirms he is on the line of scrimmage during Bethel’s opening drive of the 2020 season. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Meeker sophomore Lauren Miller sends one through the uprights in warmups. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Jesse Tucker (12) gains positive yards with help from with Dominic Contreras (77) . (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
John Gordon makes two defenders miss. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Caleb Chapman (5) dives for an onside kick attempt by the Wildcats. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Caden Wolford sacks Jesse Tucker. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
JJ Bloomer (7) and Meeker head coach DJ Howell before kickoff. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Bethel’s CJ Compton (58), Bronc Robbins (16), TJ Ramsey (11), LW Moore (20), Rowdy Story (4). (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Budgie Cameron (6) and Johnny Butler (9) before kickoff of Meeker’s homecoming. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Bethel’s starting quarterback Jesse Tucker (12) and soph. reserve John Allred (7) taking reps before kickoff of the Wildcats’ 28-8 win over Meeker. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Bethel’s offensive line warming up. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Caden Wolford and Connor Donaho take the field before Meeker’s homecoming Friday night. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Harrison Thomas (5) with yards after the catch. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Corey Metscher (8) lays a block, allowing a big gain for Harrison Thomas. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Jesse Tucker escapes the Caden Wolford blitz. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
John Gordon drags a defender into the red zone. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Caden Wolford was in Bethel’s backfield all evening. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
snap. hold. kick. good. Gabriel Palomares nails an extra point. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
LW Moore wraps up Caden Wolford after a short gain. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Caden Wolford applies pressure to Jesse Tucker with a Wildcat on his back. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Bethel Wildcats recover an onside kick attempt. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Jesse Tucker attempted a downfield block on Caden Wolford. Wolford jumped at the opportunity. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Bethel Wildcats vs. Meeker Bulldogs (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
John Gordon with a catch in double coverage. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Just so you know he caught it. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)
Brendan Alexander brings down Tucker. (Photo property of @Shawneestandard)