Pottawatomie County approves hiring of Emergency Management Director, raises for county officials

By Adam Ewing | shawneestandard@gmail.com

After an executive session Monday, the Pottawatomie County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved the hiring of Chad Larman for the vacant Emergency Management Director position.

The salary offered is $51,000, commissioner Melissa Dennis announced during the meeting.

The board approved raises for county officials. On Jan. 21 District 2 commissioner Randy Thomas will receive a $2,400 raise, brining his total yearly salary to $59,862. Others receiving raises Jan. 21 will be the county clerk, court clerk and Sheriff. The county treasurer will receive their raise July 1.

District 1, District 3 county commissioners will receive the $2,400 bump upon their new term. The county assessor will also receive a pay increase upon their new term.

Asher Public Schools received two bids for their 2015 or newer activity bus. Ross Transportation submitted a bid of $51,700. Summit Bus submitted a no bid. The item was tabled as no administrator from the school was present.

The full meeting will be uploaded to YouTube shortly.