Pottawatomie County Commissioners approve six new tornado sirens, 2020-2021 county budget approved

By Adam Ewing | shawneestandard@gmail.com

The Pottawatomie County Board of County Commissioners approved the purchase of six new tornado sirens at Tuesday’s meeting.

Six locations, including Dale, Pink, Johnson, Tribbey, Macomb and Saint Louis will receive new sirens and mounting totaling $23,726.60 each for a total cost of $142,359.60. The same sirens were purchased by the City of Shawnee earlier this year.

The purchase is pending corrected bid documents from Joe Goddard Enterprises of Edmond, Oklahoma.

The commissioners approved the 2020-2021 Pottawatomie County Budget. The total budget is $7,513,947.47, up $1,837,510 from last year’s budget.

Bethel Public Schools utilized a portion of their sales tax funds.

The commissioners approved Bethel Public Schools to spend up to $10,000 on fuel. Hooten Oil won the bid at $1.262 per gallon. Penley Oil’s bid came in at 1.292 per gallon.

Bethel Superintendent Tod Harrison stated in the meeting the fuel should last the rest of the 2020-2021 school year.

The commissioners approved Bethel Public Schools to utilize $2,730 to refinish the B.E Cantrell Fieldhouse floor. Gymco won the bid. Beckett Bros submitted a bid for $5,478.09, Joe Rollins Hardwood Floors bid came in at $7,378.65.

Going forward, Bethel Public Schools will utilize a portion of their county sales tax funds to pay their Pottawatomie County Development Authority water bill. No previous water bills were presented.

Bethel was approved to purchase 130 10.2-inch IPads from Apple Inc. for a total cost of $40,170.00.

*Photo by Saiuri from FreeImages.